Monday, 12 August 2019

Visit by Kilbirnie Fire Fighters

For the last two weeks the children in Ngake Hub have been learning about Fire Safety.
Firefighter Tom came along to our school and spoke to us about being safe in a fire and told us what to do if a fire broke out at home or school. The first thing we had to do was to shout "Fire, Fire, Fire" and then get down, get low and get out of the building fast.  He talked about other dangers in the home such as fire places, stoves, electric blankets and candles. At the end of his sessions we all received our very own Fire Safety certificate.


The next week we were all super excited about the fire truck coming to school and our special visitors were Firefighters John, Paul, Glen and Phil.  They showed us all the equipment
they used when they attend a fire.  They wear protective clothing, this includes gum boots, pants, a jacket, a special hood which they wear under their hat to stop their ears getting burnt, a mask, a helmet and gloves which have woollen linings to keep the heat out. They also carry a walkie talkie and a breathing tank.
Mrs Patel got dressed up in all the gear and we didn't recognise her.
We then went outside and we had a tour of the fire truck and then we were allowed to hold the hose. The water came out so fast that the firefighter had to hold onto the hose with us.
Maybe one day some people from Ngake hub may become firefighters.

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