Wednesday, 29 May 2019


The week after our cross country, our school held it's yearly Run-a-thon. It was a dress up event and it was wonderful to see all the different costumes the other children and the teachers were wearing. Before the event, we were asked to set a goal, telling the teacher how many laps we thought we could run in five minutes.  Then when the big day arrived we all gathered on the bottom court and lined up in our class groups. We were so surprised to see so many parents supporting us.  Rm 1 children ran first and we had to run around the track as many times as we could in five minutes.  Although five minutes is not a long time, it certainly seemed like it, when we were running.  Rms 3 and 4 followed, then we went back to class and our teachers called out the number of laps we actually did. Lots of us scored the same laps as we expected we would and some of us ran even more.  When Whataitai Hub and Matairangi Hub had run their laps around the outside of the school, all the children gathered in the hall and they announced the winners of the dress up competition and also spot prizes  Tom Oscroft from Rm 4  and Clara Bannister from Rm 1 were the winners of the dress up competition but we all agreed everyone looked amazing and we had so much fun.


The money raised from this event will be used for the development of the playground and equipment for lunchtime activities and extra curricular groups.

Cultural Diversity Day

Cultural Diversity Day

At Kilbirnie School we have so many children from different countries around the world.  To mark this special day we held our annual special assembly. We sang songs from different countries then each class was invited to stand up and share an item relating to diversity. In Rm 1 all the children  made a flag representing the country they were born in, or where their parents were from. They stood in assembly, said hello in their own language and introduced themselves, stating which country they were representing.  Some of our children even dressed up in their national costume.
Namaste my name is Sai and I come from

Yassou my name is Gabriella and I come from

Kia Orana my name is Millie and I come from the

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Cross Country

Every year Kilbirnie School holds its Cross Country Event at Hataitai Park.
We buddied up with Rm 10, then the whole school set off to walk over to the course.
It began with the Year two girls running first and after a warm up session with Mrs Patel, the race began.  We only had to do one lap of the course and it was so exciting listening to all our friends cheering us on. There were lots of parents there too.
Next race was the Yr 2 boys, followed by the Yr 1 girls and finally the Yr 1 boys. After Ngake Hub, the Yr 3 children had to run two laps of the course.  As we were very tired after running just one lap, we know we need to practice our running ready for next year.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Exploration Time

On Friday afternoons the Ngake Hub have Exploration Time where we create explore and construct using a range of different materials. It’s fun because we get to play with our friends from other rooms and try different things. This week we were allowed to explore the space around the Playcentre. The water pump and outdoor music maker were both fun to tryout. Outside Room 3 there were two science experiments. In the first one we had to guess whether objects would float or sink then test them in the water trough.
In the second, we experimented pushing a plastic cup with a tissue into a container of water. Surprisingly the tissue didn’t get wet! 
Other activities include play dough, dress ups, crafts, painting and construction. We love Exploration time on Fridays! 

Ngake Hub Christmas Party

Today was one of the best days of the year at our annual Ngake Hub Christmas Party. Before the party, we made and decorated our very own pla...