Monday, 10 April 2017

Our Super Hero Healthy Shared Lunch

What a fabulous way to end the term!  Today we all, including our teachers, dressed up in Super Hero costumes.  We brought healthy food to share for lunch - it was so YUMMY!!!
Here are some photos of our Super Hero lunch time.  We are so full - it is had to do any work now!  We all think it may be time for an easy afternoon.

Lots of yummy food!

Room One is waiting patiently to start eating

Rooms 3 & 4 are showing their super powers .

 What good manners we all have.

Here are some Room One Super Heroes.

At the end of the week

Every Friday, at the end of a very busy week, we all like to relax in a variety of ways.

In this photo, the Room One children are in a massage circle.  Our teacher is reading the story 'At the end of the day' and we follow the instruction from the story.  As you can see from the photo, we are having lots of fun.

In Room One we love to watch Cosmic Yoga and act out the story using yoga moves.  In this photo we are performing the story- 'Squishy the fish.'  Look - we can all touch our toes!

In this photo, Room Three children are enjoying dancing and exercising to GoNoodle.

Rooms 1, 3 and 4 have joined together for a session of Jump Jam.  The music is great to dance to and our teachers even join in.  What a wonderful way to exercise on a wet day!

A visit from the Life Education caravan

The Life Education caravan has been parked outside our school  for two weeks.  We were so lucky to be the first children to have our lessons inside the new caravan.  We loved meeting Harold the giraffe and Charlotte taught us all about healthy eating.  Soon we will be having our Ngake Hub shared lunch. Unlike naughty Harold, who brought lollies to eat at school, we will all be bringing healthy food to share.
Follow the link below to see what happens inside!

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