Monday, 12 August 2019

Visit by Kilbirnie Fire Fighters

For the last two weeks the children in Ngake Hub have been learning about Fire Safety.
Firefighter Tom came along to our school and spoke to us about being safe in a fire and told us what to do if a fire broke out at home or school. The first thing we had to do was to shout "Fire, Fire, Fire" and then get down, get low and get out of the building fast.  He talked about other dangers in the home such as fire places, stoves, electric blankets and candles. At the end of his sessions we all received our very own Fire Safety certificate.


The next week we were all super excited about the fire truck coming to school and our special visitors were Firefighters John, Paul, Glen and Phil.  They showed us all the equipment
they used when they attend a fire.  They wear protective clothing, this includes gum boots, pants, a jacket, a special hood which they wear under their hat to stop their ears getting burnt, a mask, a helmet and gloves which have woollen linings to keep the heat out. They also carry a walkie talkie and a breathing tank.
Mrs Patel got dressed up in all the gear and we didn't recognise her.
We then went outside and we had a tour of the fire truck and then we were allowed to hold the hose. The water came out so fast that the firefighter had to hold onto the hose with us.
Maybe one day some people from Ngake hub may become firefighters.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Room 1 Art

For the last two weeks we have been busy creating sunflower paintings for Art Te Aroha. We painted our sunflower in stages, first we did the seeds, then the petals and stalk and lastly the sky. We think they look beautiful!
We also made cupcakes using collage for our class piece. They looked so delicious, it was a shame we couldn't eat them! 

Thursday, 1 August 2019


We don’t go to the ASB this term but we are so excited to have Isaac from the Wellington Football Club come long every week for three weeks to teach us rugby skills.
We start the lesson by playing a game such as Bull Rush, Rob the Nest or Hurricanes and Lions.
We then moved onto skills and we practiced side stepping quickly, passing the ball over our heads and then we practiced scoring tries.

Kelly Sports

On our first day back at school, Hannah and Adam came along from Kelly Sports and showed us some of the games and activities they do in their After School Programme.
We began the session by playing a game of freeze and then a game of tag using noodles.  We had to run very fast, otherwise we would be tagged. If you were tagged, you had to go to "jail" and wait until someone ran past you and gave you a high five, to release you.
The third game was called Smelly Socks or Clean Your Bedroom.  This game involved two teams and the hall was divided in two.  The idea of the game was that when the whistle blew, you had to throw as many soft toy animals into the other teams court.  The winning team was the one who had the tidiest bedroom.
We hope Hannah and Adam come back again soon to teach us some other cool games.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Worm farming in Room 1

In Room 1 we have been learning about worm farms. Natalie came to teach us what worms like to eat. Did you know the Tiger Worms in the worm farm don't like onions, garlic or spicy food?
We went outside to look at our school worm farm and Natalie showed us the different layers.
We even got to make our own mini worm farm. First we put in wet newspaper and wet leaves, next soil and then some Tiger Worms. The worms started wriggling into the soil, where it was dark and cool. On top we put a piece of banana skin for the worms to eat. Natalie put air holes in the lid then we put them in a cool dark place. 
We think our worms will be very happy in their new homes!

Monday, 24 June 2019


Every Friday this term Rooms 1, 3 and 4 got on the bus to go to the ASB Centre. We were split into two groups. One group worked with Will, who taught us ball skills, and the other group worked with Zoe and Emilia on gymnastics. To begin our ball skills session we did lots of warm up activities and played fun games like Octopus. We practised lots of ball skills such as how to kick the ball correctly and how to stop it quickly.  We did individual skills, then we worked with a partner and finally we played a proper game of Futsal. Who knows, maybe one day one of us will play for the All Whites.
Part of our gymnastic session included learning the basic movements such as pike, tuck and straddle and how to land in the "motorbike" position. It was fun playing on the different equipment including the climbing frames, balance beam and the swinging bar.  We also practised doing a forward roll.
Here we are doing our warm up activities and lots of different skills such as climbing, balancing and jumping.


This term we were lucky to have some coaching sessions run by the Wellington United Football Club. The coaches taught us the basic skills needed to play football. We practiced our dribbling, passing and goal shooting, while playing fun games like stuck in the mud. When it was fine we used the top field and when it was wet we used the hall.
Playing football was really fun and we hope they come back to our school again.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Waste Heroes Performance

Last Friday we watched a performance in our hall about Ngake and Whataitai, the two taniwha of Whanganui-a-tara. The story was told with the two taniwha moving and dancing around the hall. Some of us were a little scared of the taniwha costumes until we realised they were just actors dressed up. The taniwha shared some good messages about looking after the earth, by recycling, composting and reducing our use of plastic. 
After the show the Taniwha presented a Taonga to our school which was accepted by Joe Barry. To thank our visitors, the whole school sang Ko Toku Marae Tenei which sounded so powerful and beautiful. 

Visit by Kilbirnie Fire Fighters

For the last two weeks the children in Ngake Hub have been learning about Fire Safety. Firefighter Tom came along to our school and spoke ...