Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Cultural Cooking Experience

To celebrate the end of our Inquiry Topic on Citizenship the Ngake Hub had a shared International cooking experience and shared lunch. Some of our parents came along to help us make food from different countries. These included nachos, empanadas, sushi, Yorkshire puddings, crepes, dumplings, waffles etc. We had so much fun making, then tasting the different dishes.  Our teachers were amazed that we tried most of the food and discovered that we liked them. Many thanks to all of our parents that helped on the day.


Puppet Show

We have had such a busy week, leading up to the end of term.
On Monday morning at 9 o’clock we had a very exciting beginning to our school week.  The whole school was invited by Toro Pikopiko Puppets to watch a puppet show called Te Rerenga-the-flight, which retold Ngai Tahu legend about Pourangahua and her epic flight to Aotearoa. This was a musical show featuring life size moving plywood puppets. We were taken back in time a thousand years, where we were told the story by animating lots of rock art puppets.  We were amazed to find out there were 80 puppets involved throughout the story and lots of children from the audience were chosen to take the part of the different characters.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Storytime with Mr Austin

In Room 1 we are so lucky to have Mr Austin come to our classroom every Friday after morning tea to read us a story. Last Friday he read us a story called Grandpa’s Inventions by Richard Johnson. It was all about a girl named Sophie, whose Grandpa loved making things. Her Grandpa spent hours in the workshop at the end of his garden, building all kinds of incredible machines.

It was an interesting book and Mr Austin always makes it fun by getting us to stand up and act out parts of the story. In this story we pretended to drive a car and be airplanes zooming through the sky. 
We love it when Mr Austin comes to read to us!

Ngake Hub Christmas Party

Today was one of the best days of the year at our annual Ngake Hub Christmas Party. Before the party, we made and decorated our very own pla...