Monday, 8 May 2017

Road Safety with Constable Dann

                        Today Constable Dann came to school to teach us about road safety.

                         We walked down to the pedestrian crossing outside the school on Moxham

   We stood on the edge of the footpath to see if there was any traffic coming.
            Then looked to the right, left and then right again before we crossed over to the other side.

                         Constable Dann showed us how it was dangerous standing behind cars.
                               Maddie is small and the driver would not be able to see her.

     We walked around the block and stood outside our school on Hamilton Road.  Constable Dann is                                                     showing us how to use the Kea crossing.
                                        ln this photo, we are safely crossing the road.

Here we are standing on the footpath looking at the staff car park.  This is not a safe place to                 walk through. So we all moved up the path and walked down the walkway – much better!

     Thank you Constable Dann for coming to our school to teach us all about road safety

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